The eSports Room

The eSports room open for public use

The hub of all things MEGA!

Achievable courtesy of our partnerships with Red Bull and MSi, the MEGA eSports room is a room located on Monash’s Clayton Campus that is outfitted with 12 top-of-the-line PCs, complete with high quality monitors and all kinds of amazing gear.

Our eSports room is the main location for all MEGA-related subcommittees, organisations and all kinds of other activity. Its primary use is as a space for our incredible, hardworking eSports teams, where they train hard and play their best in tournaments that they enter, but it also the home of recording and playing sets for our semesterly Super Smash Bros Ultimate league, JML. Outside of practice times and matches, though, the PCs are free for use by any and all MEGA members to play all kinds of games!

One of MEGA's eSports Teams playing a match within the room
Monash BASE Labs

Want to come down and game? It’s easy! Simply go down the stairs next to JuicePoint in the Campus Centre (or near The Den just outside of it), turn right and you’re there! Once you walk through Base Labs, you can pull up a PC and game on your own, or even with friends!

We hope to see you there!