JML (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

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Hi there, we are Junior Mash League, also known as JML! We were originally just a small group of friends at Monash that came together to build a vibrant community of passionate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just starting out, come down to BaseLabs, pick up a controller and play some friendlies!

Each semester we run JMLeague, our highly anticipated semester-long tournament with a rich history spanning over 5 years! Each competitors plays a Best Of 5 set per week for 7 weeks during the semester, and the best part? No eliminations! Even if you’re just starting out, you won’t get knocked out! JMLeague is also follows a Swiss bracket, so you’ll end up versing people of similar skills throughout the tournament. The end of the season features a grand finals day with free food and drinks, you don’t want to miss out on that!

Similarly, come along to JMLadder, our weekly event held in BaseLabs every Friday from 6-9pm. The JMLadder event operates on an ongoing matchmaking structure, granting you the flexibility to play as many or few games as you prefer during the three-hour period. As a bonus, you could win the free prizes that are raffled away at every Ladder!

If you want to learn more, feel free to join our discord: 

Joshua Mitelman - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Director

Joshua Mitelman


Ritvik Sharma - Smash Ultimate Vice Director

Ritvik Sharma

Vice Director

League of Legends

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MEGA League of Legends subcommittee is a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students passionate about the popular esports game. Comprised of skilled players, organizers, and esports enthusiasts, the committee’s primary objective is to foster a thriving and inclusive League of Legends community within Monash. The committee has two branches, those being the General committee and Varsity:

General is responsible for holding casual events such as; eLeague, ARAM and TFT tournaments. We aim to build a welcoming and inclusive environment for casual League players and facilitate healthy competition among students. We want to unite students who share a love for the game, regardless of their skill levels, in order to promote friendship and camaraderie among them.

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Varsity organises university-level League of Legends tournaments and competition. This includes conducting tryouts, selecting players, and providing support to ensure teams perform at their best in competition. These events offer a chance for aspiring players to showcase their skills and passion of the game.

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League Director


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Hello, we’re the Valorant subcommittee! We are comprised of Avril and Alex (our general representatives), Arsham (our Deputy Director), and Jodie (our Director). We also have two varsity teams, DG and 404. The teams are coached by our coaches Andy (DG) and Makaele (404).

We run all sorts of events here in MEGA Valorant, with events such as our E-League, which is run every semester and features prize money. We also run weekly Sunday Customs for a more casual Valorant experience, where you can just chat and have fun with other Valorant players regardless of ranks. We also collaborate with other universities and corporations to deliver large-scale tournament events!

The MEGA Valorant varsity teams have various achievements, with 404 placing Top 3 in MCCC Ascension, Top 3 in Valorant Premier (February) and Top 8 in LPL Open Summer League 2022! DG’s achievements this season include being Champions of the 2023 LPL Amateur, and Champions of the Inter-University Valorant Tournament!

Join our Discord to get more information about events, Varsity and many more announcements!

Jodie Chionh - Valorant Vice Director

Jodie Chionh


Arsham Nazem - Valorant Varsity Manager

Arsham Nazem

Vice Director


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MEGA’s Overwatch subcommittee is our passionate and dedicated representation of the game Overwatch. We are a committee that consists of dedicated leaders and representatives, with a focus on social events at various different time periods across each semester, and the fostering of a community that is just as passionate about we are about this incredibly popular game.

Overwatch is focused on social activities, such as the weekly games night, which alternates between in-person and online depending on each week. Don’t know the game too well? No problem, as each night is focused on building connections and we are more than happy to assist you with how it works, and each team is randomly generated so that we can have a balanced and enjoyable night for everyone, regardless of skill level!

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Want to find out more or join a committee of like-minded Overwatch enjoyers? Join our discord now for more information!

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Jeffery Guan


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Hugo Beadle

Vice Director

Rhythm Games

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MEGA Rhythm Games is a very lovely and welcoming community for all rhythm game enthusiasts at Monash! We provide a safe space for you to connect with like-minded rhythm gamers, whether you play on PC, mobile or even at the arcade! 🌃

We host fortnightly Rhythm Game nights down at the Base Labs and eSports Room! Come down to our events to play some osu!, Taiko no Tatsujin, Sound Voltex, Project Diva, Rhythm Heaven, Project Sekai and more! :> Haven’t played something before? Everyone is welcome to try, we’ll be there to help too, so please feel free to stop by! We also host raffles sometimes, so be on the lookout for those. 💖

Stay up to date with announcements (and connect with your friends too!) on our Discord server! We sometimes host additional events on the server that anyone is free to join!

We’re an active server ready to welcome you with open arms to our community!

Madeline Ting - Rhythm Games Co-Director

Madeline Ting


David Huang - Rhythm Games Vice Director

David Huang

Vice Director