Red Bull x MEGA
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Partnering with us in 2022 is one of the world leading energy drink companies, Red Bull.

Red Bull’s popularity among gamers speaks for itself. It is the drink of choice among many people completing a gaming marathon, keeping them alert and aware even in the later hours and allowing them to play at the height of their talents. It also has direct involvement with gaming, sponsoring a League of Legends team; several Tekken and Street Fighter players; and winners of the 2018 and 2019 Dota 2 Internationals, OG. On top of that, they own multiple eSports locations across the world, including Red Bull Gaming Spheres in many locations like London, Tokyo and Copenhagen.

Through our partnership with Red Bull, we have acquired many of the PCs we use in the eSports room, as well as FREE access to various major events including the Wings for Life charity run; the Red Bull Campus Clutch; and various other tournaments and events across the year.

The Red Bull Kumite event in 2019