Stakeholders say: 

Thank you for the opportunity - I found it engaging and stimulating and think you did a great job in organising the program. I am happy to have been able to support the initiative. Cyrus Allen, ANZ Bank, Sydney

Presenters say: 

"MEGA is a ground-breaking initiative which directly tackles the challenge of how we educate and provide systematic business-development support in fast-moving emerging environments such as the mobile industry." Jennifer Wilson, The Project Factory, Sydney

Participants say: 

"After finishing university I felt lost, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur but where does one start!? MEGA has given me an amazing foundation in which to fulfil my career ambitions and dreams. An absolute must for anyone with a business mind." Ana Sofia Costa

"MEGA was a fantastic experience, from the passionate weekly presenters to the dedicated team mentor. I hope to take the friendships and networks I made with me for many years." Ben Petito

"I came to MEGA to understand how to take an idea and turn it into a commercialisation project. I came away with this plus more. I came away with networks in other industries, came away with more self-confidence and a part share in a MEGA team." Ben Marsh

"It is the best experience, self-development, challenge, learning, supportive community. MEGA has it all!" Dan Giang

"Participating in MEGA allowed our team to develop a good idea into a substantial business proposition for immediate pursuit!" Andrada Tudor

"MEGA blew me away! What happens when you throw a group of passionate, driven creative, techs and business people into a room four months? Throw a lot of awesome mentoring and advice at them. Do MEGA and find out for yourself!" Stephen De Villiers

"We are so much better off now than before we started that we can’t see ourselves not having done MEGA." David O’Donoghue

"This is how I see it... university is better than high school and MEGA is better than university. Through MEGA I've developed a wide range of practical skills that weren’t covered in my degree and I’ve developed networks of talented, enthusiastic people from a variety of disciplines - and I'm sure both of these will stay with me for quite some time!" Tamara Beames

"MEGA opened up a host of possibilities for our startup venture. The opportunity to workshop our ideas with both industry leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs has been truly invaluable. I'd recommend MEGA to anyone looking to catalyse a young venture through its crucial earliest stages, particularly those relatively new to the world of digital enterprise." Michael Dawson, Foodcloud Pty Ltd

"Before MEGA I was just one inventor with an idea that I thought had potential to change the world. After MEGA I have a dedicated and skilled team, some money to pursue this idea, a fantastic mentor, a well thought out business model and business plan, a great pitch which has been exposed to a large audience and a great network of MEGA Alumni. There is no way that I would be where I am now without the MEGA experience. It has really kickstarted my business. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an idea in the digital space and wants to turn it into a viable and successful business." Leith Mudge, Sirenus 

"MEGA is awesome for the same reason the original series of MEGAMAN was awesome: you get to choose which Robot Master Boss you want to defeat, and if you defeat them, you get to use that Robot Master's special weapon in the rest of the game.  At the end, you have all the weapons you need to defeat Dr Wily, who is in this massive multi-phase war machine disguised as a pitch panel.  I definitely added a few gnarly weapons to my arsenal, and earned some mad experience points.  Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to level up their idea-to-reality implementation ratio." Thomas Capogreco