Monash Business School Collaboration

MEGA is excited to announce a collaboration with the Monash Business School (MBUS) which will bring awesome events, fun competitions and rewarding incentives to all Business students alike! If you’re studying any business related degree, get ready to sign up and enjoy yourself either online or in person!

free membership

Snag yourself a 2021 membership at absolutely no cost! 

The perks of the membership such as regular pizza, entry to events and reduced competition fees are all free for business faculty students, its a no-brainer!

Until the end of the year, MEGA membership (normally $10-$15) is being subsidised by the Monash Business School for students studying a degree under the faculty.

You’re also included if you are studying a double degree with a business degree in it! Check the list below if you’re unsure.

*If you are enrolled in a degree from the list of eligible degrees, but are unable to get the free membership on the MSA website, email for help.

Incentives program

If our various events weren’t fun enough already, with MBUS we’re setting up an incentive program with some monumental prizing.

Attending events, competing in tournaments and even winning can add raffle entries to your name, in which a large raffle is drawn at the end of the year. 

From a Nintendo Switch lite to some new keyboards and headsets, there is even more reason to play.

We’ll draw the raffle at the end of the year, so make sure you’re a full 2021 club member by then! We won’t know your degree and won’t be able to enter you in the raffle if you aren’t.

Raffle Prizes

Watch out for new epic events!

Raffle Entries

Items with a link icon will take you to a page where you can learn more about a specific event.

Note: raffle entries can only be gained for tournaments & events that have closing dates or signup deadlines after the 25th of August. 

You must complete a sign-in form to get raffle entries applied for your participation. Winners to be notified January 2022 at the latest.