What’s in it for you?

If you are a mobile, digital content or ICT company wanting to develop new mobile products and services, develop your staff in innovation and commercialisation, meet highly skilled potential employees and pitch for investment then MEGA is for you.

If you are an individual with creative, IT or business skills and you would like to collaborate with like-minded people with complimentary skill sets to create new products, services, start up a company, pitch for investment, increase your skill levels for employment and meet potential employers then mega is for you.

What does it involve?

Industry presenters and mentors share their leading edge expertise to provide a hands-on workshop program to take teams through:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Idea generation and evaluation of ideas for products and services 
  • Testing the technical and business feasibility of those ideas 
  • Producing a business plan or business proposal 
  • Pitching to potential investors 

The workshop program is held weekly on Tuesday evenings at Majoran Distillery over 12 weeks.

Each team is assigned an experienced business mentor and you will also be supported by a large MEGA support network of industry, education and government (see the partners page to see who is involved).

Communication, collaboration and teaching and learning are supported by the use of Web 2.0 technologies.

The project culminates with a Pitch Day attended and judged by industry experts and investors and the general public.



Fee Overview:

  • $550 (inc GST) per team member
  • $440 (inc GST) for members of Majoran Distillery, Hub Adelaide or Startup Weekend who register before 31 December 2013

MEGA Prizes:

Stay tuned for announcements of prizes to be awarded to winners of MEGA 2014.